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The Artist

“The media in which I work are magical ones: the unpredictable qualities of raku-fired ceramics and wet-washed watercolours that often seem to have a life and message of their own to blend with mine. The silent, solitary and contemplative time that precedes the execution of my work is a process of ‘remembering’ and honouring the primeval connections for which I become a translator.

It is attentiveness to the simple sacred moments of living that evolves into the sensuous forms, vivid colours and contemporary connection with ancient energies that comprise my work. In this way my life is my work, and my work is my life.”

Katheryn Trenshaw is a fine artist of international repute. She is American born and received her BA degrees from Michigan State University and L’Universite Haute Bretagne, France. For more than 30 years her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the US and Europe. Concentrating largely on watercolour painting, print-making and ceramic sculpture. She has received critical acclaim both as a painter and a sculptor.

Being involved in the creative arts since she discovered her opposable thumb, Katheryn redefines art as a way of living and inspires people to recreate their own lives as works of art, tapping into it as a vehicle for the soul’s expression. Her continuous commitment to personal growth through living her life as art enables the creations to come from a deep, integral place. People resonate with the simplicity of the images and the magical quality they imbue into the every day.

Katheryn has a new In Your Own Skin book available at Amazon. This is part of a large community multimedia art project including a documentary (currently being crowdsourced)  and an exhibition. In Your Own Skin connects us all by revealing hidden truths from around the world. With her camera, body paint, and the quest to explore how people choose to show themselves to the world, Katheryn Trenshaw, photographer, documentarian, and artist, approaches total strangers and asks: What is true of you that is not obvious to strangers? The results are fascinating and frequently very touching. Katheryn's unique and sensitive approach has now created nearly 150 portraits of subjects from more than thirty countries and all walks of life. These will eventually form a touring exhibition and screenings.

What really matters? Love has no opposite. Opening to and living this.
— Katheryn Trenshaw