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The Teacher, Inspiratrice and Evocateur of Presence and Possibility

Katheryn Trenshaw is the founder and creative director of the Passionate Presence Center for Creative Expression. 

She is an international artist, speaker, author, and radical well-being advocate who has offered, for over 35 years, training and facilitation in movement, art and personal development particularly focused on awakening as embodied consciousness. She conducts educational events, workshops, multimedia projects and undertakes consulting for individuals, groups and organisations in the United States, Europe and around the world.

Her touring exhibition, Breaking the Silence, depicting the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and the subsequent struggle towards healing through 100 raku masks, had a dramatic impact on both the media and the public in the early nineties. The resulting publicity catapulted Katheryn onto the international lecture and workshop circuit. Her talks and teachings on art, therapeutic creativity and women’s issues are currently in great demand.

I love dancing with paradox. From this viewpoint I can see how we connect and are joined by our commonalities. My work is about giving expression to authentic human experience – of change and transformation, relationships to people and nature and responding to the numinous ancient wisdom that seeks our attention.
— Katheryn M Trenshaw

Some of her projects include: The multimedia In Your Own Skin Project with a new book available from Amazon. The 10 year tour of the Breaking the Silence Project offers healing through illustrated talks, mask-making and workshops, and includes an upcoming book.

And her most recent adventure, Facing Death: a Radical Well-Being Sabbatical, facing death and realising more than ever how precious and juicy life is. This informs and underpins every single moment and all of the work and depth of presence that Katheryn offers.