She Carries Her Moon Always

She Carries Her Moon Always   by Katheryn M Trenshaw (2 color original Lithograph)

She Carries Her Moon Always by Katheryn M Trenshaw (2 color original Lithograph)

Ah! beginning again and again each day. Forgetting more often than I would like to admit… even to myself. Breathing. And starting with the next moment. What a funny creature I can be sometimes… but always heartened by how I experience remembering that what I long for is nearly always in the thing I reject or hide from or conceal. Jeff sums it up eloquently here with his quote:

Begin where you are. Where else IS there?

If pain, sorrow, regret, confusion or fear are appearing in your present experience right now, do not turn away, do not use the labels ‘dark’ or ‘negative’, do not assume any kind of cosmic deviation or ‘sin’. For these are sacred and intelligent life-movements, all, undivided from the vastness of creation, waves of the limitless ocean of Self. They are your beloved children, all, forgotten movements of yourself, longing for your warm presence – a moment of undivided attention. “Remember me!” they cry, one last time, and will you ignore them today? Or will you finally accept your birth right? Will you remember that everything you long for is already appearing, disguised as everything you reject?

Will you remember that you cannot be anywhere other than Home?

-Jeff Foster 

When I created this She Carries Her Moon Always Lithograph, I remember how exciting it was to represent the irrepressible power of our radiance…especially in the dark. Here is to living in the full embrace of all our your aspects: warts and all, beauty and all, power and all, vitality and all. Here is to living in your own skin and coming home at long last.