Take care. Take risks.
— Katheryn Trenshaw

Katheryn consults with individuals, couples, small groups and organisations.

How do we live radical well-being? We notice the truth of what appears this moment. We dance with our edges and find belonging from the inside out. We relax into the magic of life’s rises and falls. Acceptance opens into vital and sustainable change for a fully lived life.

Working with Katheryn is an intimate immersion. She will support you in creating a life that meets you where you are. There is nowhere to go. There is nothing to do. Enter liberation inside this moment.

What can we gain
by sailing to the moon
if we cannot cross the abyss
that separates us from ourselves?
— Thomas Merton

Katheryn is available to work with you individually, on Skype, or consult with your group or organization in person. Inquire for availability.

My session with Katheryn was powerful and surprisingly potent. It changed my perspective and helped me see how I keep myself unnecessarily anxious and actively block joy. I can see much more clearly how I can have a life where I feel at home and more alive without effort. A life of actually living fully.
— K.N.

This is a unique opportunity to speak privately with international artist, author & speaker Katheryn Trenshaw. Join from the comfort of your own home via videoconference. In this safe, confidential space, explore your deepest calling, and what holds you back. It’s Katheryn’s joy to offer focused attention about what truly matters to you.

Katheryn meets you in Presence. Whatever challenges you face, she strips bare the excess and guides you home to the Now.

Katheryn has been teaching and traveling Internationally for more then 30 years, holding workshops and retreats and sharing a provocative message of embodied consciousness, awakening, non-duality and living in the present moment. Passionate Presence. She creates a safe, loving space where you can explore your most uncomfortable feelings, bring awareness to your troubling thoughts, and express the authentic truth of your inner world.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi