Lavender harvest

Today was the day. Today in spite of the “To Do” list longer than my arm, I harvested the Lavender. I have 3 glorious big bushy explosions of this sweet smelling intoxication in my front garden.

It is so simple: Take the herb cutting scissors from the jar in the kitchen with the pencils, pens and spare screwdriver, open the front door to sun sprayed pond area, and proceed to cut in small bunches these delightful tall slender flowers to dry and enjoy for the months to come.

I took my time to make a cup of fresh delicious coffee to accompany my task and savored the mixture of “java” smell and pungent oily sweetness. I lay them all together with such simple joy. Flower heads on top, thinner stems at the bottom. I love this harvest. I relish in these simple small pleasures in my year. I, more than anything, am glad I was there for it. Really present with the process.