Happiness Is: A Walk to Work


I walked to work today. Because I work at home this might seem a bit strange. But because I find the fresh air and exercise so beneficial, I try and walk to work as many days a week as I can. Today I was especially aware of the simple small things that can happen on a short 30 monute walk that set my day up in such a satisfied way. Feeling simple gratitude makes all the difference. 

The trick of course is to notice. Today, I happened to notice.
Here are 7 things that happened on the way to work:

1.) I walked across the field with high grass overlooking the local castle. Today I took a moment to enjoy this view on my way up that hill. Delicious.

2.) So many flowers and plants are bursting out of their coiled state in and among the hedgerows along the road and path I take. This outrageous and passionate display of nature warms my heart and reminds me that I too am a part of this fertile display of natural expression.

2.) At the top of the path where I walk, I can see an incredible view of the natural outcrop that is the wonder of Hay Tor. Today it was clear enough to see for many miles up to this vast area of Dartmoor. The breadth and depth of this view keeps me connected to the bigger picture and the spaciousness within my life.

3.) I had a brief chat with the farmer on an all-terrain motorcycle. He was standing at a T junction and I wondered if his bike was out of order. He assured me he was fine and that this was the 2nd time today he had to get his bullock back after he escaped into neighboring field. Cows and sheep are a feature of Devon that I still find charming and a bit odd. I am definitely not in the urban “Kansas” I grew up in anymore!
4.) I admired the array of about 40 solar panels in a new land development that is partly buried in a hillside. I have no idea whether this is domestic or other, but I’m very curious and interested. I’m also delighted that whatever they do they’re using the south facing angle of their great location.

5.) I got to throw a tennis ball for a beautiful 5-year-old golden lab “puppy” as I meandered down the footpath. She was very proud to be walking her human.

6.) I chatted briefly with a man preparing his drain at the base of his driveway. As I approached I simply heard some swearing from someone a bit frustrated. When asked if he was okay, he smiled broadly showed me everything was great and invited me to enjoy the sunshine as he was.
7.) As I crossed before a line of bungalows, I found a heart-shaped leaf wanted to come home with me and remind me of the simple things… Like noticing things on this walk… to carry into my day-to-day work, play and parenting.

And with this I am like to and refreshed to begin my day starting with this simple blog.

I feel incredibly grateful for the simple things that come my way. They are happening all the time if I notice. Enjoy the simple things in your day-to-day.