Lanyards & Everyday Saints


There is nothing like a great poem that moves you AND makes you laugh.  Today, my brother reminded me again of this favorite poem of mine… and the lanyards that we wove with the woman who I suspect was a bit nutty ( or was she just passionate?) . “The craft lady” as we called her sat in the summer heat and humidity of the midwest at a large wooden picnic table. She sat there all day long next to the public swimming pool where we spent copious amounts of time to stay cool, take every possible level is swimming lesson, learn CPR and stay out of our mother’s hair.  “The craft lady” offered us lessons for free and sold us art supplies for a nominal fee.  Lanyards were very popular.  I loved this artsy woman with all of my budding artist heart for giving us these small dream spaces into creativity and wonder in the midst of a challenging time in a very challenging place.  There are often everyday saints that come into our lives… only we do not realise until later that that is what they are. Enjoy!