Creating a More Beautiful World Stateside


We have just arrived in the USA for nearly 6 weeks ( NY 1 week, MI 10 days, WA 1 week, CA 2 weeks) for a delicious trip to see family and friends and to grow and share my beloved IN Your Own Skin social art documentary Project to contribute toward creating a More Beautiful World and wellbeing. I would love to know what you all think about the project, how it touches you and if you can see how this addresses resilience and beauty at a core level?

In Your Own Skin Project
I am crowdsourcing this at the moment through the main website and also looking for places along our travels to the states above, to offer screenings/talks/discussions and fundraising events to make the feature length film. Also would love any ideas from like-minded folks who want to connect in real live skin and face-to-face ways around this…my contact details are all on the web site too.


Have a Beauty-filled day!