Women, Remember to Live in Your Own Skin


Life is a messy business full of forgetting and “failures” of a thousand kinds. And yet…there is a sovereignty that is often forgotten that I want to remind you of. There is a wildness, that has been anaesthetised and reviled that I want to hold sacred as it is. There is often contraction and fear where there used to be freedom and love. I want to be free. I want you to be free too. There is a living that is here to be reclaimed and remembered here and now. And there are ways to re-connect with our innate wildness and natural intelligence that are so simple and effective that they are easy to dismiss, but I am here to remember these again and again and again.

There is a wildness, that has been anaesthetised and reviled
that I want to hold sacred as it is.

My whole life is a testament to this remembering. And forgetting. I forget over and over and stumble and fall… Stand up, dust off my backside, and carry on again. Then I remember. Practice. It takes so much practice. Decades of practice are just the beginning.

For International women’s day and in honor of the recent V-day One Billion Rising Campaign, which featured the In Your Own Skin Project and new IYOS Banners, I am focused on a particular area of this sovereign inquiry. Around the world people are rising to end violence against women and children. As part of this I want to explore questions related to how to remember our innate wildness and be a natural force of love in action:

“How are we supporting each other, in community and particularly as women collectively and individually?”

“How can we bring ourselves more fully into our being and bodies to be part of the great re-member-ing?”

This is a simple sacred community conversation and well-being creation. Will you join in the conversation?

Re-member-ing. Putting pieces back together that have been broken apart, separated or led to believe they do not belong together. Re-membering body, kith and kin, wisdom. I make it my passion to stir those embers of remembering and engage the stirring of natural wisdom so that we can all be more whole together. We can do this most effectively through creative expression like movement of being, creative inquiry, portraiture as well as dynamic sharing with other women. Will you join in the exploration?

How did we forget that we are indeed made of stardust, mystery and wonder? Our presence here is an erotic blessing. There is a threshold to cross into remembering. Shall we dance over? Will you join in the dance?

How would your life be different if this kind of exploration was normal? You get to find out. Come be a part of the dialogue and creating well-being. Explore and inquire into your magnificent
vulnerable wild life as a woman. Be real, whole, present… You.

Katheryn Trenshaw, creative director of The Passionate Presence Centre for Creative Expression is offering a new series of courses in Totnes for small group of women. The focus is on remembering to live in Your Own Skin.

In these new series’ of eves, (a follow on event from V-day) women are invited to gather together to explore, heal and remember together with an experienced facilitator who is passionate about the simple but sometimes difficult phenomenon of living in your own skin and remembering deep simple natural wisdom through somatic creative processes.