Courageous New Beginnings

Release your grip, and then you slip, into reality.
— Leonard Cohen

This is a simple post to reach out, connect and perhaps even touch your curiosity and your heart. For me, I appreciate courageous acts more than ever before. I am so very grateful for those of you who have reached out, sent prayers and love or held me kindly in your thoughts. Thank you so much! 

And the simple act of sending out the first blog post after my health sabbatical feels very courageous indeed. So here I am. I am here simply offering a voice for radical authentic well-being.

I have taken much needed time to attend to my health and life and love on every level and things are beginning to shift now. Slowly, my life is changing and I'm not only still alive but more alive and more grateful than ever.

I will start to post blogs again and offer inspirations, as well as opportunities to collect fabulous art. And in the not too distant future I will offer one-to-one sessions and workshops as well. Slowly and simply. We can all do with more slow and simple in our lives. I certainly am a proponent of that more than ever.

How do YOU live your best life? What supports YOUR depth of presence and well-being best? How does love live through you?

Do not pretend that The Longing
has not also lived in you,
swinging like a pendulum.
You have been lost,
and thieved like a criminal
your Heart
into that darkness.
But life is tired, Deep Friend,
of going on
without you.
It is like the hand of the mother
who has lost the child.
And if you are anything like me, you have been afraid.
And if you are anything like me,
you have known your own courage.
There is room in this boat:
take your seat.
Take up your paddle, and all of us
– All of us –
shall row our hearts
- Em Claire


The In Your Own Skin book is still available. Over the last two years I still managed to offer In Your Own Skin film screenings, book signings and workshops in San Francisco, California, Whidby island, Washington and in Victoria Canada.

Over this time I have been gifted with some very precious gifts, merging on "super powers" to be able to more fully appreciate what matters, and the profundity of living in your own skin-fully present, simply, alive and openhearted.

My life and work as an inspiratrice and evocateur of presence and possibility is more clear than ever.

So, dear friends, Let's celebrate how precious life is. And let the light shine in and out of our fabulous radiant lives.

Take care. Take risks,


Be brave enough to break your own heart.
— Cheryl Strayed